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Neurocritical Care Terminology

This wiki serves as a hierarchically organized repository of resources and work products related to neurocritical care terminology. It is continuously updated from discussions in our forum and from other sources.

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide a level of precision for terminology and annotations sufficient for rigorous research investigations and big data analysis. We believe it will also aid clinical practice by shedding light on ambiguities where they exist. Our goal is to recommend the content of a measurement file (e.g. ICP, EEG, etc.) such that, (1) the data can be harmonized with similar data from other sources and, (2) the data can be analyzed using the appropriate assumptions.

How to Use this Wiki

We recommend you review background information about standards and how to create terms if you plan to contribute and are not familiar with the process. The terms we are focusing on are grouped into the categories below. The initial page of a category (or subpage) provides an overview of our approach to that category. Each term has a table showing its standard definition or the lack of one. To contribute to the terminology, use the discussion forum. Find a topic that relates to the term or create one and provide your input. Each category on the wiki and discussion forum has a moderator. Feel free to contact them as well.


List of Term Categories



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